Blog CAD2M: 3D printing at BREL HOME

24 March 2021

Last week we delivered the second RAPID ONE 3D printer to BREL HOME. How do the nine dddrop 3D printers contribute to the BREL HOME products? You can read that here.


We call Reinoud Arts, co-founder of BREL HOME. He tells us about the challenges within the sector. "In 2012, we started making motors for sun protection, roller shutters & curtain systems. This industry is characterized by a huge number of types of systems. In essence, the product is the same, but the dimensions and types of pipes differ per system. With every change the engine has to change with it, so that the latter fits exactly in the end product."

Reinoud continues his story about the design phase of the product: "We draw everything in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Since the start with BREL Motors, trade name of BREL HOME, we already have thousands of different drawings in our database. That indicates how specific it's our product."

Smart living

The BREL HOME motors communicate wirelessly with the BREL HOME app. Because this app communicates with Google Home or Alexa, the consumer can also operate the blinds or roller shutters by voice. “That makes the BREL HOME solutions unique. Through our systems, end users can gain remote access to their (BREL motorized) blinds or window decoration. Unlike other providers.”

3D printing in production

At CAD2M we know all too well that 3D printing can be a great added value within production. The use of Additive Manufacturing at BREL HOME shows that once again. "3D printing is the solution for us. If we first have to make injection molds for every part, which is slightly different in every situation, before we can produce the parts," says Reinoud.

Besides the fact that this saves a lot of costs, there is another big advantage for BREL. With 3D printing you can make exactly the number of parts that are needed, so that you produce less waste. "With the advent of Additive Manufacturing, we only produce the necessary parts after an order has been placed. This ensures that we do not have excess parts that we ultimately do not need."


The collaboration between BREL HOME and CAD2M started and grew in the heart of the Achterhoek, the epicenter of the manufacturing industry. "I came across CAD2M with the dddrop 3D printer at the fair at the time. We now have nine 3D printers running at full speed, including two RAPID ONEs, dddrop's latest showpiece. I have great expectations for the future, because the demand for smart housing will only continue to increase.”

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