22 05 2023
Free BREL HOME driver for Control4 released

Chowmain releases FREE manufacturer sponsored BREL HOME driver for Control4. The BREL HOME Program brings the automatic power of window decoration and sun shading to your home.

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06 04 2021
With the BREL HOME motor, electrical operation suddenly became easy

Like the rest of the sun protection industry, BREL HOME has also noticed that they are 'on the good side' of corona. “When more money is spent on the home, consumers are more likely to opt for electrically operated blinds when purchasing interior blinds.

Consumers are increasingly in need of having a Smart Home. So controlling interior and exterior sun blinds by means of an electric motor in combination with a HUB is also part of this. The percentage of awnings equipped with an electric motor has been increasing for a number of years. We also see this in our sales. The electric motor in combination with a HUB is really a trend of today.”

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24 03 2021
Blog CAD2M: 3D printing at BREL HOME

Last week we delivered the second RAPID ONE 3D printer to BREL HOME. How do the nine dddrop 3D printers contribute to the BREL HOME products? You can read that here.

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20 03 2021
Automated shading is becoming the norm

Spring has started again. The sun is shining more and more and the temperatures are rising. This also applies to the indoor temperature in homes. Screens on the facade are a good solution against the heat in the house and can now be operated more easily than ever! Today's consumer is completely ready for operation via an app. BREL HOME supplies smart motors for screens that 'listen' to smartphones and tablets.

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08 03 2021
Smart control of indoor and outdoor sun protection for everyone!

The BREL HOME product range includes bi-directional motors that not only receive up and down commands wirelessly, but also provide feedback on the functioning.

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16 02 2021
Battery motor with solar panel for screen or roller shutter

How ideal is it that you can operate your screen or roller shutter automatically. And that the energy for this is generated via solar panels. That means convenience and cost savings. You buy these battery motors from BREL HOME at the store or dealer near you.

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09 05 2020
Battery motors for awnings and roller shutters: “There is no turning back”

When we look at the demand from the market for battery motors for outdoor awnings and roller shutters, we can conclude that this type of drive is now fully accepted by the awning professional and is actively promoted in the showroom.

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08 02 2020
Smart control of indoor and outdoor sun protection for everyone!

BREL HOME is known as an innovative company when it comes to smart solutions for electrically driving indoor and outdoor blinds. In addition to a very complete program of motors for window decoration, outdoor sun protection and roller shutters, BREL HOME also offers intelligent control solutions.

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