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More than 10 years specialist in motorization of blinds, shutters and window decoration.

The Brel engine has been on the Dutch market since 2003! This engine was then distributed by a parts supplier for outdoor sun protection.
Brel Nederland BV has been operating since 2010, which specializes in motorization.

Initially, the emphasis was on the external sun protection such as roller shutters, screens and folding arm awnings, from 2013 Brel also started working on the interior sun nlinds (window decoration) and in 2015 Brel was the first on the market with motors with built-in rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

Because the window decoration extends over an untold number of systems, it was necessary to be flexible with the engine adjustments. Brel did this with 3-D technology.
With own software and design and (now 8) 3D printers, a specific adjustment can be made for each system. And that is possible for orders from 1 to 1000 pieces!

Brel is also at the forefront of the development of bi-directional motors, for outdoors and indoors, and with its own Brel Home hub and app. The bi-directional motors return a signal to the transmitter. As a result, the system "knows" where it is located. This allows you to tilt the blinds by 30% or lower your roller blind by 90%.

And of course the Brel radio engines can be controlled by voice via the Brel Home hub and app via Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri.

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