Battery motor with solar panel for screen or roller shutter

16 February 2021

How ideal is it that you can operate your screen or roller shutter automatically. And that the energy for this is generated via solar panels. That means convenience and cost savings. You buy these battery motors from BREL HOME at the store or dealer near you.

A new standard in cordless motors

Within the sun shading world, a distinction has been made for years between wireless radio motors and wired motors. Of course, reference is made to the control: in the first case the motor is operated with a wireless hand-held or wall transmitter, in the second case with a conventional switch. But it is not really wireless, because a way must always be found to connect the power cable to the power grid.

Thanks to advanced technology, however, BREL HOME can be 100% wireless. According to Erik Budding, BREL HOME is working overtime to meet the demand for motors with an internal battery. “They can't be dragged in,” he says. “Our motors with built-in battery and supplied solar panel have been discovered by the market. In a short time, this engine has gone from a niche product to an absolute runner.”

"We are now working on a battery-powered motor with a torque of 40 Nm"

“The Dutch sun protection market is conservative and cautious,” Budding answers when asked why it took a while for the market to pick up on this new concept. “First they had to get used to BREL HOME as a fully-fledged motorcycle brand, but that station has passed. Our engines are not inferior in quality to engines of the major brands. Just a reliable product with good service. For indoor sun protection, we have been supplying reliable battery motors to all major manufacturers and brands for six years now.”

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