Smart control of indoor and outdoor sun protection for everyone!

08 March 2021

The BREL HOME product range includes bi-directional motors that not only receive up and down commands wirelessly, but also provide feedback on the functioning.

"With the compact, but very versatile BREL HOME USB Hub DD-1554, the connection can be made quickly and easily between the bi-directional motors present in and around the house and the existing WiFi network," says Erik Budding. “Setup is easy and quick via the BREL HOME app, which is downloadable for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

For example, up to 30 motors can be operated via smartphone or tablet and the status per motor can be viewed. The BREL HOME WiFi Hub DD-7002B offers even more functionalities, in addition to the bi-directional motors, it also recognizes and can control mono-directional motors."

“Don't underestimate consumer demand for App solutions”

According to Erik Budding and Reinoud Arts, consumer demand cannot be kept up with. “When I see how many questions we receive from the end user, I can only conclude that the consumer is more than ready for it,” says Budding. “The BREL HOME concept is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Home. This brings voice control of window decoration, curtains, outdoor blinds and roller shutters within everyone's reach.”

“It also makes sense,” adds Arts. “In the past, introducing new technology was delayed until the developer thought the market was ready. Nowadays, consumers are already “pulling the technology out of their hands” even before it is even launched. We owe that to the smartphone era in which we live. The commercial digitization battle is far ahead of the industrial one. Our advice to the specialist trade is therefore not to underestimate the demand for App solutions from consumers, but to work with them as actively as possible. Simply put: you can not only make more turnover with smart control, it can also cost you turnover if you cannot deliver it. The customer still determines what the market looks like.”


When wireless really has to be wireless

According to Budding and Arts, BREL MOTORS is seen in the Netherlands as the founder of the latest trend in the motorcycle field: the battery motor. “Features for the BREL battery motors, whether they are used indoors or outdoors, is that the battery is located in the motor tube itself,” says Budding. This greatly increases the applicability of battery technology.”

BREL has developed a solar panel for the battery motors that are used in outdoor screens and roller shutters, which are mounted on the box of the sun blind or roller shutter. The battery is charged by daylight, no power cable is needed. This saves drilling inside and also eliminates the need to neatly hide the wiring. “It will also become fully possible to mount electrically operated products in places where no power cable can be laid. Think, for example, of installing screens on French doors or installing roller shutters on dormer windows,” says Budding.

“Our message to all sun shading professionals who have not yet made the step to smart control and battery motors is to just try it,” Arts concludes. “Start with a first screen with a battery motor. Install the BREL HOME App and be amazed at how user-friendly everything works. You automatically become a fan and therefore effortlessly sell a product that is completely up to date.”

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