Automated shading is becoming the norm

20 March 2021

Spring has started again. The sun is shining more and more and the temperatures are rising. This also applies to the indoor temperature in homes. Screens on the facade are a good solution against the heat in the house and can now be operated more easily than ever! Today's consumer is completely ready for operation via an app. BREL HOME supplies smart motors for screens that 'listen' to smartphones and tablets.

Smart outdoor sun protection is indispensable

The consumer is already accustomed to having electrically operated blinds. Electric is the standard in outdoor sun protection, almost always with remote control. Now the demand for smart control is starting to rise. BREL HOME sees this change in the market. “The trend is clearly present, the consumer wants it and now it is up to the dealer to meet this need.” BREL HOME has therefore set itself the goal of helping sun protection professionals to facilitate this smart form of automation.

Everything has to get smarter

Consumers already have all kinds of smart devices that they control using an app. With the smart motors and the app from BREL HOME, the consumer can now also control his or her indoor and outdoor blinds, the only thing that is needed: a WiFi hub. Those who opt for BREL HOME go for ease of use: one app for controlling all products that contain a smart motor from BREL. Up to 30 motors can be controlled with the BREL HOME App.

The new WiFi motor

BREL HOME is constantly working on innovation. The range has recently been expanded with the 230-volt WiFi motors. The beauty of a BREL HOME WiFi engine is that it no longer needs a HUB, but is directly logged on to the WiFi network of the house. Only the BREL HOME App for adjustment and control is therefore sufficient. Currently the focus is on the bi-directional 40Nm motor for awnings and screens. In the future, the 230-volt WiFi motors for roller shutters, drop-arm awnings and screens of 10Nm, 20 Nm and 40Nm will also be added to the range.

The new WiFi motor has a number of functionalities. The end positions (upper and lower position) are (automatically) electronically adjusted, a preferred position can be set and the motor has obstacle stop detection if desired. And in the BREL HOME App, any position and situation can of course be recorded with the scenarios. Because it is a bi-directional motor, the App knows exactly where the product is located. A practical side effect is that the motor also remains a radio motor, so it can also be operated with a regular BREL remote control.

Already available from stock

The 40Nm WiFi motor is currently in stock at BREL HOME. This is the BZE45-40 motor, which is suitable for awnings and screens. Another running product is the BRE45-20. An electronic radio motor with obstacle stop detection, especially for roller shutters. This motor will also be equipped with the WiFi function and will be added to the BREL HOME range. This engine is currently still in production, but you can pre-order it by placing a pre-order. Are you interested in one of these WiFi engines? Then contact BREL MOTORS.

Streamer: “Installing the WiFi engine is easier than any other engine.”

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