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Frequently Asked Questions

Connection switch

The power grid has 3 wires, ground (green / yellow), phase (brown) and neutral (blue).
The standard motor has 4 wires; earth (green / yellow), zero (blue), black and brown.
In the circuit, the earth (green / yellow) of the network and the motor can be connected to each other (green / yellow on green / yellow) and the same applies to the zero (blue) of the network and the motor (blue on blue) . Switching the phase (brown) of the network with the brown or the black of the motor causes the motor to turn left or right.

Remote control does not respond to motor

Check whether you have the correct remote control (for gray bi-directional motors always version DD) and whether the DD version is in the correct mode. Mono-directional red radio motors in mode 1, bi-directional gray motors in mode 2.
See the video and the manual to change the mode.
DC-XX transmitters are always suitable for mono-directional motors. These never work with bi-directional motors.

End positions cannot be set or changed

The DD remotes can enter or be put into a security mode. You can get in or out by pressing the stop button (-) for about 15s. A U (unlocked) or an L (locked) will then appear on the display.

End positions change mono-directional protocol electronic motor

If an end position has to be changed, the top and bottom positions must be set again. To do this, the product must first be put into programming mode by P2 UP P2, then the product must be moved to the top position with UP. This position is confirmed by pressing and holding the STOP button (-) until the product moves.
Then, DOWN is moved to the lower position and this position is fixed by holding down the STOP button (-) until the product moves.
End positions change bi-directional protocol electronic motor
With the bi-directional motor, each end position can be adjusted individually. For the lower position, do this by moving to this position and pressing STOP and DOWN simultaneously for approx. 6s until the product moves. Then move to the correct position and press STOP and DOWN simultaneously again until the product moves.
This is exactly the same for the top position, but use the STOP and UP keys.

The Brel-Home hub is not activated

When installing the DD-1554 or DD-7002B Brel Home hub for the first time, the hub creates its own Brel network. This should then pair with the phone and the hub. Sometimes, however, the local (home) WiFi network is stronger and the Brel network is overruled.
You can prevent this by selecting and clicking on Settings / WiFi / the local WiFi network in the settings of the phone and then switch off "connect automatically". After the hub is installed, it can be reset.