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Rollershutter motors

The operation of roller shutters must be reliable, reliable and durable.
Brel has the following types for this:

Mechanical, suitable for a switch
Mechanical, suitable for radio transmitter
Electronic, suitable for switch and radio transmitter
The Brel roller shutter motors have a torque (force) of 10 Nm and 13 Nm for a roller shutter tube 8-side 40 tube. For the 8-side 60 tube, there are motors from 20 Nm to 120 Nm. But in general, 20 Nm is more than enough for roller shutters. Stronger motors are more often used for roller gates or rolling grilles. A 300 Nm motor is even available for this.

Where people fear regular power failures, engines with emergency manual operation can be used. These are available for the 40 Nm and 300 Nm engines.

The electronic motors can also be equipped with special software that makes adjustment easier or that can provide special functions.
You can think of an obstacle stop detection. Then the shutter stops as soon as it hits an obstacle, such as an open window.