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The Brel philosophy:

Innovative, creative and flexible

Products that are reliable, affordable and simple

Brel is a Dutch company specialized in drives and controls for both indoor and outdoor sun protection.
With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, founders Reinoud Arts and Erik Budding have set a goal with Brel to make home automation for sun blinds affordable and accessible to everyone.

Brel Home stands for a reliable product; with the Brel engines you are assured of years of enjoyment of your product, with the Brel Home app you make it extra comfortable.

Always connected

Smart actions

Reacts to the sun

24/7 customer service

5 years warranty

The Brel motors are developed in-house and assembled with great care in our factory.
All components are tested piece by piece and the assembly process also includes various control steps. After that, a final check of the motor takes place on function and safety.

Our test motors have undergone extensive tests of 10,000 cycles and meet all relevant European standards.
Wear-sensitive parts such as batteries and remote controls have a 1-year warranty.

Brel gives a 5 year warranty on the motors with confidence!

Why choose for electric operation?

There are several reasons for this, all of which are equally valid. First of all, electric operation offers optimal comfort. With the push of a switch, the button on the remote control or the button in the Brel Home app, you can easily send the selected products to their open or closed position, or any position in between. Pure comfort, from bed, from the couch, the easy chair or with the app from anywhere in the world.

Brel controllers - controls that have been thought about!

If you have chosen to have your blinds or curtains fitted with Brel motors, you can choose from a wide range of controls. To start with, a switch is available that is placed near the product to be operated. This gives you all the advantages of electrical operation, but you will still have to walk to the relevant product.
It is more comfortable to choose a Brel motor with built-in receiver. You can combine it with one of the Brel remote controls that you can easily keep within reach.

Optimal comfort is achieved by choosing the Brel Home WiFi bridge, which makes it possible to operate all your products via the Brel Home app. Programming scenarios is then also simple. This way you can automatically activate products of your choice at the same time. An example: program a morning scenario that starts at the same time that your alarm goes off in the morning. When you get out of bed, your curtains or blinds are already open and you enjoy the first light that comes in. Naturally, this also works when controlling external sun blinds and shutters fitted with Brel motors with a built-in receiver.

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