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In this way you will find out which motor is in the product and you will find the instructional videos and / or the manual

QR code:
The latest Brel radio engines have a small flag on the antenna with the QR code on it. When you scan this code, you will automatically come to the website page of this engine with videos and the manual.
On the other side of the flag is also the type no.

Radio or switch:
Radio motors need an antenna and a transmitter to operate,
Standard motors are operated with a switch.

Type no. Is printed on the back of the transmitter.
DC-XX are always transmitters for the mono-directional protocol, DD-XX transmitters can often be set to either the mono-directional or the bi-directional protocol.

Mono or bi-directional radio motors
In bi-directional motors, the position of the motor (ie the product) is reported back. These engines are gray / silver in color.
The motors with mono-directional protocol have a red color.